How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Summer

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Summer

With the winter months behind us, it is now time to start thinking about getting our homes ready for the warmer weather that lies ahead. It’s a good idea to perform maintenance on your garage door before heading into summer to avoid any significant problems down the line. Preparation before the summer months can help you maintain a comfortable temperature inside your garage as well as improve the security and longevity of your door. Here are some steps we recommend you take to prepare your garage door for summer:

Inspect your Garage Door

Winter’s icy conditions and cold weather can wreak havoc on garage doors, which is why you must perform necessary repairs and maintenance now that the weather has warmed up. Start with performing a general inspection of your garage door. Check your cables for signs of wear and examine the hinges, ball-bearings, rails, and supports of your garage door to ensure that they are in good working order.

If anything is loose or breaking, you’ll want to address it sooner rather than later to avoid a hefty repair bill. If you find that your garage door needs repairs, our technicians at Haney Door Service will help you with repairs and maintenance, as well as give you tips and ideas on how to keep your garage cool during the warm summer months.

Do a Little Spring Cleaning

Garages are often the dirtiest spot in your home. The exterior part of the garage door is always exposed to the elements which means that it can become extremely filthy over time. Garages also tend to be dirty and greasy on the inside so you are going to want to wash both the inside and outside of your garage door. Hose off and scrub both surfaces with soap and water. If your garage door is made out of steel, be sure to check both sides of it for rust. Any rust found can be sanded down and painted over with a zinc primer.

Lubricate the Moving Parts of Your Garage Door

With the weather warming up, now is the perfect time to lubricate all the moving parts on your garage door, along with the weather stripping. Exposure to cold, moisture, and ice may have broken down the lubrication so you’ll want to lubricate tracks, rollers, hinges, pulleys, chains, screws, and other moving parts. Avoid using any oils that aren’t made for use on garage doors such as WD-40. Instead, use oil and lubricants that are specifically designed to be used on garage doors. For exterior weather stripping, you’ll want to use a silicone-based lubricant. Make sure that you don’t use too much lubricant, as any excess oil will attract dust and dirt which can wear out the various parts of your garage door.

Make Sure Your Garage Door is Secure

During the summer months, when you’re more likely away from home, burglars are most likely to break in. A garage is a place that many homeowners use as storage, making it a gold mine for thieves. While many homeowners spend tons of money on keeping their front door and windows secure they often neglect the garage door. Here are some things you can do to make sure your garage is secure:

  • Keep Your Garage Door Closed. People passing by have an unobstructed view into your garage when it’s left open, especially if your door faces the street. One of the easiest things you can do to make sure your garage is secure is to make a habit of always closing your garage door. 
  • Hide your garage door opener if you leave it in your vehicle. If a thief breaks into your car and finds the remote to your garage door, the security of your home could be compromised. It’s best to hide your remote somewhere out of sight such as inside your glove compartment or inside the center console. 
  • Use the slide lock on the inside of your garage door. Sometimes thieves will attempt to enter your garage by using a coat hanger or other security breaching devices to unlatch the safety mechanism and manually lift the door. By utilizing the slide lock, you can prevent unwanted guests from breaking into your garage. These interior slide locks can also be padlocked for additional security.
  • Make sure the inside of your garage is well-lit. Motion censored lighting outside of the garage can be a great deterrent if there are intruders nearby. Make sure the lights on your garage door opener and around your garage are working. If a light has gone out make sure you replace it with a light bulb that’s made specifically for garage door openers​.​
  • Consider getting frosted privacy windows installed on your garage door. Windows on a garage door​ add value and provide light to the interior when the garage is closed. If you have windows on your garage door and would like to deter anyone from seeing what you have inside then you may want to consider getting frosted windows. 


We hope these tips help give you the peace of mind you need to focus on spending time with your family and friends this summer season. If you find that you need a garage door repair then give Haney Door Service a call. Whether you need a new garage door opener, spring replacement, or a free consultation about a problem, our licensed technicians at Haney Door Service are here to help. Request a free, on-site consultation or contact us at (916) 534-4538 for more information on our garage door services.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open And/Or Close

The garage door is the most frequently used entrance and exit in the average residential household. As a result, a garage door is bound to have functional issues now and then. When a garage door won’t function properly, the source of the problem could be in any number of given areas, and, while it is possible to troubleshoot some of these issues at home, it’s always best to contact a professional garage door repair service to come and assess the situation. Here, we will look at some reasons why your garage door may not be functioning properly. Some can be fixed with a quick step or two, while others will require a professional opinion.

Sensors out of Alignment

The safety sensor on your garage door that is programmed to instantly respond to any obstruction in its path is called the photo-eye. The photo-eye involves two pieces that align face-to-face across either side of the garage door. A pea-sized LED laser is sent from one piece to the other, detecting people or objects blocking the path of the garage door. If something is in the way, the door won’t open. If you are noticing any issues with your photo-eye, here are some ways you can troubleshoot the problem on your own before getting in contact with a garage door professional:

  • Clean the photo-eye with a washcloth or tissue. Dust and debris can sometimes clog the sensor, causing the garage door to freeze in place. 
  • Check the alignment of the photo-eye. The photo-eye can only open or close the garage door if each piece of the photo-eye receives the LED laser beam from the other side so it’s critical to make sure these pieces stay aligned.
  • Check the wiring of the photo-eyes. The photo-eye is typically placed about four to six inches off the ground. The cord attached to the eye could become damaged through excessive use and exposure to the elements. If the wires are damaged, you’ll need to have the photo-eye replaced.
  • Check the LED light on each side of the sensor. If the lights are lit, check to make sure the photo-eye isn’t dirty. If one light is flickering or off, the photo-eye could be damaged. Move the malfunctioning sensor around to see if the light changes. Adjust the pivot bracket to try to revive the LED sensor light. Once the light is back on, tighten the sensor back in place.

Broken Remote

If your garage door won’t respond to your remote control then it’s possible that the remote is either broken, needs new batteries, or needs to be reprogrammed. Here are some troubleshooting methods you can try before replacing your garage door remote:

  • Make sure you are within range of the sensors. The sensor for your remote control may be out of range from the garage door so try getting closer to the door and using the remote.
  • Make sure the antenna is visible and hanging from the motor. The antenna might be damaged, or the signal could be blocked.
  • Replace the batteries in the garage door remote control. If you notice that the door opens by pressing the buttons on the wall-mounted panel but not when you use your garage door remote, you may need to replace the batteries. Your remote control will either need a 3-volt lithium battery or a 12-volt battery. When you replace the battery, you might also need to reset your remote.
  • Make sure the lock feature is turned off. If the light is blinking on your door control panel, press and hold down the “lock” button to turn off the lock feature. If you need to engage the lock feature again, you can hold down the “lock” button to turn it back on.

Broken Springs

A broken spring is one of the most common reasons why a garage door might not open. Springs are featured in both manual and automatic garage door systems – Two torsion springs run horizontally over the width of the door, while two extension springs lift and lower the door along the track. The springs store the mechanical energy that controls the movement of the garage door and offset the weight of the door to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly. 


Each spring is rated according to its number of cycles. Depending on the rating of your springs, they could last several years before needing to be replaced. Once a tension spring has used up all its cycles, it stops working so inspecting the tension springs at least once a year can help you prepare for the end of their lifespan. If you notice the tension springs are weakening over time, be proactive and replace them before they break. The development of rust on the tension springs over time increases friction on the coils.  Its recommended to spray the springs with a silicone-based lubricant at least once every four months to prevent them from breaking due to rust build-up.


Here are some things to look for if you think you have a broken spring:

  • The motor is running, but the door isn’t moving.
  • A loud, gunshot-like sound coming from inside your garage.
  • The garage door starts to feel heavy as you try to manually maneuver it.
  • You can hear the door straining to open and close.


If you suspect that your garage door has broken tension springs, use caution when examining it. Garage doors with broken tension strings can drop without warning. The average garage door weighs over 200 pounds and you run the risk of damaging the garage door or injuring yourself. 

Misaligned Tracks

The metal tracks on your garage door keep it in alignment so the tracks must be straight and even at all times for the door to open and close efficiently. To prevent misalignment, look for loose nuts and bolts around the track. Check and make sure the door is gliding smoothly along the track and keep an eye out for bends, gaps, or obstacles along the track. If you notice areas of friction or jamming, a misaligned track could be the issue. If the tracks are misaligned, or the door has fallen off the tracks, you will notice that your door jerks around and makes grinding noises. Over time, as misalignment worsens, the garage door will eventually stop working. 


If your garage door stops functioning, the track may be broken and you may need to get your garage door system replaced. At that point, it would be wise to call Haney Door Service to come out and take a look at your door. Our experienced technicians will ensure that your garage door is working properly so you can utilize your garage. We offer beautiful, high-quality solutions for homes and businesses in the Sacramento area. Pair this with our unrivaled service and passionate employees, and you get garage door service that exceeds your expectations. Click here to request an estimate or give us a call at (916) 534-4538. 

When to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

Should you replace your garage door or should you repair it? Garage doors are a bit like the cars we keep inside of them: no matter how well you take care of them, they still wear down over time. Whether or not to repair or replace may depend on a few different factors so here are some things you should consider when making your decision:

Age of the Door

The average garage door opens and closes about 1,500 times a year and has a lifespan of about 30 years with the right maintenance but an older door is likely to need replacing sooner rather than later. It may not be worth investing in repairs for a door that doesn’t have much more life left. Replacing and upgrading your old garage door can also have other benefits: Depending on the layout of your home, your garage door takes up about thirty percent of the face your house shows to the world so replacing your door would improve the overall curb appeal of your home. Newer garage doors and openers also have features that increase their convenience, energy efficiency, and security.

Wear & Tear

Sometimes, the damage to your garage door is visible but does not affect the structural integrity or function of your door. If the damage to your door is cosmetic, you’ll usually get more value out of repairing the door rather than replacing it. Minor damage like scratches and rusty hinges are easy to repair. Moderate damage like worn springs and dented panels can also easily be switched out without having to install a new garage door.


If your door has severe, structurally compromising issues such as cracked panels, labored, jerky operation or you notice a loud screeching sound then it may be time to consider upgrading your garage door. Concerns about energy efficiency may also be a good reason to look into replacing your door. If the door isn’t secure from the elements, your cost of air-conditioning and heating will begin to increase, especially in the winter and summer months. Damaged garage doors can also admit pests from outside and can pose a security threat by offering more convenient access to potential intruders.

Frequency of Ongoing Issues

A garage door is meant to be convenient to use and work on demand. How often have you been late to work or an appointment because your garage door was giving you trouble? When you begin to notice that your garage door intermittently fails to work, you should consider having a technician come out and take a look. If your garage door needs a repair job, it’s best to get it done right away. Even small issues can put major stress on the doorframe and mechanical systems.


The choice between garage door repair and replacement may also depend on cost. A new garage door can cost way more upfront to replace than simply having it repaired but if you’re shelling out a couple of hundred dollars every few months for maintenance, you might want to consider getting it replaced. If the estimated cost to repair your old garage door ends up being more than the price of a new door, then getting a brand-new door is undoubtedly your best option.


Garage door replacement may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Garage doors these days come in a variety of attractive options to suit any style of home, as well as a variety of materials. Our best advice is to get in touch with Haney Door Service. We have a team of skilled and professional garage door technicians who can provide a knowledgeable second opinion on whether to replace or repair your garage door. Click here to set up a free estimate or call our office today at 916-534-4538.

Six Unique Benefits of Commercial Roll-Up Doors

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Different types of commercial doors offer different features to the owners. Each has its own pros and cons. In this blog post, we shall discuss the benefits of commercial roll-up doors, commonly known as garage doors. These doors are versatile and accommodate many different purposes; however, these are primarily used in warehouses and other commercial properties. Here are some unique benefits of rolling doors that you will experience once you install them.

It Reduces the Chance of a Break-In

These kinds of doors are solidly built, making them highly secure and difficult to break into. Only an extremely knowledgeable thief who can take on a complicated task will be able to break through these doors. This directly makes roll-up doors the most reliable option to protect your premises and the contents behind the door.

Great Insulation Properties

Some doors come with insulating properties, a combination of metal and foam. This effectively prevents heat as well as sound from passing through it. This directly affects heating and cooling systems which do not have to work extra hard to maintain the temperature. This results in less energy consumption and, therefore, reduced energy bills. Roll-up doors are good at reducing noise because they are filled at the edges of the doorways, therefore stopping sound waves in their tracks.

Highly Durable

The overhead roll-up doors are made from heavy-duty aluminum or steel capable of withstanding daily wear and tear. These doors are as durable as they can be. Not only are these rust-resistant, but they also offer adequate protection from hail, snow, and wind.

Space Saving

Perhaps the most significant advantage of overhead commercial roll-up doors, Sacramento is that it saves a lot of space in the square footage of the floor. Roll-up doors do not take up space on the floor or inside the garage itself. When the roll-up door opens, it goes upward, taking up no floor space whatsoever. It allows efficient usage of the floor even to the last square feet of the space without worrying about anything.

Different Sizes

Another significant advantage of overhead roll-up doors is that the sizes are customizable. Businesses can customize doors to cover bigger or smaller spaces without much problem. This not only makes them more efficient but also affordable. Businesses can easily find roller garage doors that fit their company’s budget. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a rolling steel door, as each is made to suit the business’s specific needs.

Smooth Operation

When appropriately installed, roll-up doors are effortless to operate. You also have the freedom to choose the kind of operator you want to install, whether you want to install a manual operating system or an automatic system that does everything with the click of a button.
If you want to install a rolling garage door in Sacramento or the surrounding area, contact us today at the number available on our website. Our experienced experts are the top choice for businesses in the area that value our services. You can also visit our website and request a free estimate.

Everything You Need to Know About California’s Battery Backup Laws

As summer wildfires ravaged California throughout 2018, many homes lost power resulting in electronically powered garage doors being unable to be opened. Many people became trapped in their homes because their electrical garage doors did not work. Typically, when a garage door opener cannot operate electronically, you can pull the hanging red cord of the device to separate the garage door from its electronic mechanism. However, just because the door detaches from this electronic mechanism does not mean its any easier to open. The weight of the door can make it impossible to move, especially if it has windows or it’s a double door. In particular, elderly citizens, children, and the disabled will find it impossible to lift a massive garage door on their own. The residents who struggled to open their garage doors manually were trapped with no battery backup system for their opener’s electronic operation. By the end of the summer, there were over 140 deaths caused by fires with at least five of those people being found dead in their garages after being unable to open their garage doors. 


In August 2018, the Senate voted unanimously to pass Bill 969 and Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law a month later. Its provisions went into effect the next year in July 2019. The law requires all California residents undergoing a garage door or garage door opener replacement to have a battery backup system that can operate in case of a power outage. Those manufacturing, selling, or installing a garage door opener without the required battery backup can incur a fine of $1,000 per violation. The law also imposes a $500 fine for any “installed and operational” garage door opener that lacks the required battery backup.


These systems do more than just comply with regulations. Backup battery capabilities are an essential safety precaution all homeowners across the country can benefit from having. A battery backup is a new patch for your computer’s operating system that makes your garage opener safer during a power outage. It typically supplies extra power for only 24 hours and will lose its charge if used continually. It’s important to test your battery backup system so you’ll know how it functions when you need to use it. You can test your battery backup by unplugging your electronic garage door opener and operating the garage door with the battery backup system instead. You will also need to change your backup system’s batteries every couple of years, even if you have not used the garage door opener on battery power.


Backup Batteries give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll never become trapped in your home because of a garage door that won’t budge when the power shuts off. At Haney Door Service, we want to help you get the battery backup garage door opener that best fits your home and will keep you protected for years to come. Contact us today to get a free estimate on a battery backup for your garage.

How to Figure Out which Garage Door is Right for You

Most first-time garage door buyers are surprised when they learn that the garage door you pick is a big deal. Garage doors account for a third of the entire exterior of your home, making your garage door one of the most prominent features. Buying a new garage door is a great way to refresh the look of your home and when it comes to upgrading your garage door, the options can seem limitless. Here are some things to consider before purchasing your new garage door:


It is crucial that you check if the garage door you select is offering a warranty. With a warranty, you can have your garage door serviced or replaced if there are any defects within the specified warranty period. 


Haney Door Service has achieved status as a master authorized dealer through Clopay which means we are authorized to offer the Gold Bar warranty. The Gold Bar warranty helps ensure you get the best quality door components and long-term performance by offering you the opportunity to upgrade your hardware and parts warranties on garage doors. You can enjoy your new garage door knowing that its performance and hardware are guaranteed.


For many, the garage door is actually their front door. Many homeowners drive right into their attached garage and enter their home through the service door. It’s always suggested that you buy a new opener for your new garage door because your new garage door may have problems adjusting to your old opener. Your old opener may fail, or maybe simply show signs of aging. It’s easiest to replace both at the same time to ensure they’re compatible and will last for a while.

Backup Batteries

After catastrophic wildfires plagued California in the summer of 2018, the Senate passed Bill 969, requiring all residents undergoing a garage door or garage door opener replacement to have a battery backup system. Backup battery capabilities are an essential safety precaution that all homeowners across the country can benefit from having. A battery backup is a new patch for your computer’s operating system, making your garage opener safer during a power outage. It typically supplies extra power for only 24 hours and will lose its charge if used continually. It will save you from the inconvenience of struggling with your garage door manually during a routine power outage, as well as make escape much quicker and easier in an emergency loss of power.  


If you’re interested in learning more, here is an article on everything you need to know about California’s backup battery laws

Curb Appeal

One thing you will have to consider is the finish you will add to the garage door. This can be a wood finish or a simple paint job. As a general rule, the color of your garage door should complement the rest of the home’s facade to create one cohesive look. Your garage door should either match the color of your home or be a lighter hue, such as white. Keep in mind that certain garage door styles go with certain architectural styles. For example, modern architecture typically goes well with full-view doors.


When you’re selecting a new garage door, it’s crucial to account for how your home will look with the new door installed. On our website, we offer a Garage Door Imagination System to help you visualize how your door of choice would look on your home.


Depending on your preference you may want to consider windows on your garage doors. Windows add character and a sense of welcoming to homes that you cannot get with a garage door without windows. It also allows natural light to get into the garage.


If you want to control some of the effects of the opening and closing of the door, you should consider insulation. Insulated garage doors can be a valuable asset to improving your home’s energy efficiency. If you have a garage attached to your home, an insulated garage door can act as a barrier, keeping the air-conditioned air inside and making sure the heat stays out of your home. 

Choosing the Right Material

Don’t make the mistake of believing some garage door materials are better than others. When it comes to selecting the material for your door, you ultimately need to consider what looks best with the architecture of your home, the budget you have to work with, and your willingness to maintain that door over time.

Steel Garage Doors

You should consider picking an insulated model made of durable, low-maintenance material like steel. This way you can enjoy the benefits of a new garage door without needing to worry about maintenance as much. There is a wide range of steel doors on the market today — some excellent options, as well as some cheaper, lower-quality choices. Steel doors offer a foam core with a steel exterior that manufacturers can top off with cladding and overlay materials designed to mimic the look of natural wood. Many people love these doors because they offer the beauty of a natural wood door without the ongoing maintenance requirements. 

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum doors have a reputation for their sleek, modern look. Many also come with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, which let a lot of natural light into the garage. These doors also resist rust and corrosion, so they hold up well in moist climates and require very little maintenance over the years. Aluminum doors also have a reputation for denting easily and are susceptible to hail and flying debris so if you live in an area known for damaging winds or hail, exercise caution if you opt for an aluminum door.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are beautiful, strong, and available in a wide variety of designs and hues. If your home is in an area prone to a lot of rain or snow, wood doors can be more challenging to maintain because they become warped or bowed when they get exposed to a lot of moisture. make sure you mentally prepare for the work it will take to keep it looking beautiful. If you aren’t able or willing to keep up with the maintenance it will need, your beautiful door will eventually turn into a neighborhood eyesore.


As a homeowner, finding the perfect garage door means combining aesthetics, and function. Selecting the right garage door can increase energy efficiency and improve the overall look and appeal of your property, ultimately boosting your home’s resale value. If you need assistance choosing a residential or commercial garage door, it’s time to call Haney Door Service. Our representative will provide you with sample materials and product catalogs to help guide you in the right direction. If you’re interested in a free estimate with Haney Door Service you can schedule an appointment through our website by clicking here.

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Door Operator Repair Service

Commercial doors are one of the largest moving pieces, and their weight can cause serious injury. So, that broken garage door could be quite dangerous for you as well as your neighbors. The efficiency of an overhead door depends on all its components, meaning that it is important to keep them in a fine working order. But most of the time, we ignore its maintenance, causing it to have a number of issues or other necessary repairs. Thankfully, we have a commercial door operator repair service to help you with conducting inspections, routine maintenance, and required repairs.

No matter how handy you are with tools, do not try to repair commercial or garage doors because it is a risk to your safety. Many people, when attempting these repairs, have gotten their fingers stuck inside the hinges, and others have suffered from severe head injuries due to heavy doors collapsing on them. So, it is always better to seek professional help.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a commercial door operator repair service:

     1.Cost-Effective Repair and Maintenance

Nowadays, most commercial door repair companies, offer their services on the market. All these businesses and organizations claim to have pretty competitive rates for efficient repair and installation services. However, only reputable and trustworthy businesses can provide you with cost-effective services.

  1. Safety 

Your garage door can be very dangerous if you have incorrect equipment or old tools. Make sure you remove heavy materials first while you are thinking about fixing the door on your own. But if you have no idea how to do this, hire a professional commercial door repair service, since they have experience and know exactly, how to handle heavy garage door parts and how to handle them without getting injured.

  1. Saves Time

We all must agree with the fact, that time is the most significant aspect of life for humans. A professional repair service or expert will resolve the issue in a timely manner. And routine maintenance is necessary, to avoid various issues that will cause you to spend more time fixing the problem. Also, listen to what an expert tells you, and consider it to avoid potential problems.

  1. Upgraded Tools and Equipment

Each specialist or repair expert is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to deal with commercial door problems of any kind. Many of the technicians have undergone special training and are skilled in the use of these instruments.  If you hire them, then they make sure to provide you with their premium repair service.

  1. Variety in Service

If you have a problem with a jammed garage door, and you know that you should address this problem. But what about the reasons behind the jammed door? Do you know why it is jamming?  For this, you need a specialist who has extensive experience in this field to understand the reasons and carry out the door’s maintenance service. 

So, it is important to get a selection of services from an experienced technician and enjoy a door that is free of problems, rather than trying to fix it on your own.

How to choose a modern Garage door: Things to know


modern glass garage door avante collectionAre you in the market for a new garage door for your residence or business? Modern garage doors are one of the most common ways today to modernize and complement any type of home. You can’t go wrong with contemporary garage doors, whether you have a classic farmhouse or a mid-century modern rancher. Let’s look at the advantages of Modern Aluminum Garage Doors and why they’re a good investment for your house.

What Does It Mean to Be “Modern”?

“A design language with a focus on form rather than ornament; structure and materials rather than picturesque constructions; and the logical and effective use of space,” according to the definition of modern architecture. Modern architecture has its origins in the 1890s, but it gained popularity in the 1930s.

They’re Built to Match Your Decor

If you want your garage door to stand out or blend in with the rest of your home’s architecture, there’s a modern garage door to suit your needs. If you want passersby’s to notice your door, choose a bright color or a special window design. If you want your door to fit in with the rest of your building, use design elements from the rest of your house.

How to Pick the Modern Aluminum Garage Doors for Your Home

It’s no secret that finding a new garage door is difficult. Since there are so many designs and options to choose from, the process can be very daunting. There are also other considerations to think about, such as material selection and cost.

The time and effort put into planning are well worth it, as study after study shows that investing in a new garage door is one of the best investments you can make for your home. This is due to the substantial increase in curb appeal you get when you select a garage door that suits your house’s architectural design. Your garage door gives you the chance to make a good first impression.

Choosing the right garage door material is a significant step in the process. Although the structural variations between steel and aluminum doors will not be visible from the street, you will find them in the long run to be a good choice. Modern Aluminum Garage Doors today offer a slew of performance benefits, including low maintenance and a significant visual effect.

If you want to be confident that your decision is the right one when you are going to shop for aluminum garage doors, deal with the right garage door company and your chances of making the best decision will increase.

The best styles of the garage door